March 2020


Sunday 3 March

St Chad's Day

Join us in worship for our Church's namesake.

Saint Chad, also called Ceadda, (died March 2, 672, Lichfield, Mercia, England; feast day, March 2), monastic founder, abbot, and first bishop of Lichfield, who is credited with the Christianization of the ancient English kingdom of Mercia.

With his brother St. Cedd, he was educated at the great abbey of Lindisfarne on Holy Island (off the coast of Northumbria) under its founder, Abbot St. Aidan, and later apparently studied with St. Egbert, a monk at the Irish monastery of Rathmelsigi. Cedd recalled Chad to England to assist in establishing the monastery of Laestingaeu (now Lastingham, North Yorkshire). Upon Cedd’s death in 664, Chad succeeded him to become the second abbot of Laestingaeu, and, probably late in the same year, at the request of King Oswiu (Oswy) of Northumbria, he was consecrated bishop of the Northumbrians (with his see at York).

An ecclesiastical dispute arose because St. Wilfrid had already been chosen bishop of York and had gone to Gaul for his consecration, a mix-up recorded in Venerable Bede’s Ecclesiastical Histo of the English People (considered to be the best source for Chad’s life). The issue remains confusing. When in 669 the new archbishop, St. Theodore of Canterbury, arrived in England, he charged Chad with improper ordination. On Wilfrid’s return in the same year, Chad resigned York and retired to Laestingaeu. Theodore, however, was so impressed with Chad’s humility that when the bishop of Mercia died he asked King Oswiu to appoint Chad as the bishop’s successor. The king approved, and Chad, having been reconsecrated by Theodore in 669, chose Lichfield, where he built a church and monastery, as the new seat of his diocese.

During the last three years of his life, Chad founded a monastery in Lindsey, on land given him by King Wulfhere of Mercia. In the same area Chad supposedly founded another monastery, at Barrow-upon-Humber. He is noted as having conducted his apostolate zealously, traveling much on foot. He died of plague, and numerous miracles were reported as having taken place at his tomb. His relics, originally in the Cathedral of Lichfield, were saved by Roman Catholics during the Reformation and transferred to St. Chad’s Cathedral, Birmingham.

Tuesday 5 March @ 6.30pm

Please join us for our Shrove Tuesday Pancake Tea – 5th March – 6.30pm in the Parish Centre.

$5.00 BYO all drinks.

 RSVP  Friday 1st  March at the very latest.

via email

Julie’s mobile 0429 672 457

or put your name on the list in the Narthex

 Julie and Venessa

Sunday 10 March

Mothering Sunday Service @ 9.30am with posies and simnel cake to celebrate.

Yoga Church commences also om 10 March  at 11.30am in the St Chad's Community Garden. Very relaxing and all wlecome. Please call Julie Ascher Ellis for any queries 8379 7825
The next Yoga Church is the 31st March at 11.30am


Monday 25 March, at 7.30pm

Whiskey Enlightenment Evening
Gary Hillman will be hosting a whiskey/whisky tasting evening on to be held in the Parish Centre.
Gary will be supplying his choice of whiskey/whiskeys for the tasting, but participants are encouraged to bring along any drop that they would like to introduce. John will supply a number of cheese platters, but participants are encouraged to bring along some sort of nibble to share.

We will be asking for a contribution $10 per head which will be donated to the church.

NB! This is not a Men’s Dinner and all are welcome. Please bring a friend if you can.



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