Ministry Leadership

Rev'd Dr Josephine Armour

Priest in Charge

After a long career in teaching, Jo has in recent years retired from  a fulltime position as Deputy Principal at St Dominic’s Priory College, an R-12 Catholic school for girls  located in North Adelaide. She taught Year 12 Religion Studies for many years and since that time has been lecturing at St Barnabas College in Ecclesiology and Introduction to Christian Theology. Jo spent 25 years as a Dominican Sister in the Holy Cross Congregation (Cabra Dominicans)  in Adelaide before returning to the Anglican church where she was originally baptised and confirmed. 

In 2019, she was ordained as a deacon and in November 2020 as a priest. Her theological interests cover ecclesiology, ministry, feminist theology, trinitarian theology, spirituality and inclusivity. In 2019, she published Call No-One on Earth Your Father: Revisioning the Ordained Ministry in the Contemporary Catholic Church, a book which presents the relational nature of the Trinity as an image for the ministry of the church. She believes that ministry must sit in its rightful context of a Christian community where all of the gifts of the baptised are valued and where ministry is collaborative, non-hierarchical and mutually enriching for the people of God.  

Her other interests include fitness, trekking, swimming, reading and gardening

email:  Mobile: 0416 256 957 ( Wed, Thur & Sundays)




 St Chad’s Leadership Team

The Leadership Team meet monthly to assist Julie in growing the  church community, by connecting with the surrounding community.

  • Jenny Goddard
  • Lou Barteletti
  • Gay Gardner
  • Meriel Wilson
  • Madeleine Stocks
  • Garry Coff  

Parish Contacts

Parish Office
8271 4044
Priest's Warden
Gay Gardner
8271 5236
People's Warden
Meriel Wilson
0414 630 726
Parish Treasurer
Jenny Goddard
Parish Centre Hire
Marie Sloan
0403 989 183
Prayer Ring
Wendy Retsas
0458 779 723
Pastoral Care Contact and Planned Giving Co-ordinator
Nigel Daw 0412 756 720


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